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Dale Carnegie Training conclut des partenariats avec des entreprises de toutes tailles dans le but de produire des résultats professionnels et mesurables.

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Giant Food

Founded in 1936, the organization currently operates 202 Giant Food and Super G supermarkets in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington, DC.

Business Challenge 

Following an intense period of a management merger, many of Giant's long-term employees had left the company, while additional staff suffered the effects of downsizing. According to Nancy Crisafulli, Giant's Manager of Training, the company "had some excellent operators with great technical knowledge but limited leadership experience." The stress and uncertainty diminished the company's performance standards and challenged the company to find qualified people within the organization to promote up to managerial positions.


Dale Carnegie Traning adjusted the structure of the Dale Carnegie Course to adapt to Giant's changing priorities. Alternating classroom study with periods of on-the-job work, the course challenged Giant's employees to apply the tools and techniques they learned to their daily tasks, preparing them to embrace a more balanced and flexible management approach.


The training had a stabilized effect on Giant's workforce, which has drawn the different aspects of the organization closer together and also contributed to dissolving communication barriers that once existed between the corporate and operations sides of the business. While managers have grown in confidence and self-awareness, they have also become more productive and more successful in their relationships, cultivating a common culture based on trust, respect, and empowerment. As a result, Giant Food created a shared managerial vision and a workplace where all employees can be engaged in the ongoing mission and success of the company.


"Quality of life is always the big issue in grocery retail. Dale Carnegie Training is key in helping our people to create balance.  You can see and hear the difference in our stores.  The stress level is lower.  People are smiling.  Customers are
treated well.

- Nancy Crisafulli, Manager of Training Giant Food

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